10 things to thank Florence for

//10 things to thank Florence for

Florence, aka the cradle of Renaissance. And if you think that Renaissance is something already happened, think again! Lot of Made in Florence, Reinassance ideas and artworks are still around and well alive!

The Made in Florence cool stuff files…

So, let’s discover with us the top 10 “Made in Florence” things!

The way you look around

It is all a matter of perspective, they say. But the mathematical principles of the linear perspective are a 100% Made in Florence product.

The coolest videogame set

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The Assassin’s Creed franchise used Florence for the Assassins’ adventures. And the city is beautiful in pixels as well.

The name of a continent

Amerigo Vespucci, born in Florence in 1454, is the explorer who realized that Cristoforo Colombo had reached not the Indies, but a brand new continent, named America after Vespucci himself. So: America has a Florentine name.

A big naked giant

Michelangelo’s David is more than popular and one peak of the Renaissance art. The replica of the statue is in Piazza della Signoria, the real one is in the Galleria dell’Accademia.

A beautiful almost naked goddess

With the David we still are in the Bible, but with Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus we go back to pagan gods. A goddess, in this case: probably the most beautiful bellybutton of arts history.

All that photos of the sky on Instagram

Actually Gentile da Fabriano wasn’t a Florentine, but he worked in Florence and the Uffizi Gallery enshrines one of his masterpieces: the Adoration of the Magi. In one of the panels of the predella you find the first sky ever painted… Yes, the first skyfie is in Florence!

The best steak in the world

La Fiorentina: the Fiorentina par excellence. The made in Florence T bone steak. Trust use: it will be one of your best food experience in your life.

A stairway to heaven (sort of)

In Florence you can see – and walk through! – the Gate of Paradise: this is how Michelangelo dubbed the Ghiberti’s East Door of the Baptistery. Yes: another Renaissance masterpiece…

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The hitchhiker’s guide to the Hell

Or the first travelog in Italian: Dante’s Divine Comedy, the seminal Italian medieval book, brings you through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

The world’s most famous smile

The giganormously famous Leonardo’s Mona Lisa is the portrait of madonna  Lisa Gherardini, born in Florence in 1479: the most famous, reinterpreted, printed smile in the world is a made in Florence one.


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