Boboli Gardens: the ‘family garden’ now for everyone

//Boboli Gardens: the ‘family garden’ now for everyone
  • boboli gardens - giardino di boboli

Boboli Gardens are another iconic feature of the gargantuan Florentine heritage. And it is the perfect place for you to recover after the not so unexpected attack of Stendhal syndrome caused by Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti…

Boboli Gardens: a back Garden… gone gigantic!

The Medici family bought the already impressive palace of the Pitti – a renown family of bankers – in 1549.

Thus Palazzo Pitti became the seat of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany – Granducato di Toscana.

Cosimo I, Medici Grand Duke, wanted for his wife, Eleanor of Toledo, a garden to stroll around with some privacy and definitely far from the hoi polloi: the idea of the Boboli Gardens was born – and the project as well, but the first architect in charge, Niccolò Tribolo, died in 1550.

The works supervision passed then to Bartolomeo Ammanati and Giorgio Vasari – architects – and Bernardo Buontalenti – sculptor. Quite a bunch of great minds! Ammannati designed the Piazza della Signoria Fountain of Neptune too; Vasari is the first “modern” Arts historian, a painter and an architect; Buontalenti was a sculptor, military engineer and urban architect.

Boboli Gardens are a well balanced mix of nods to classical features and manierist galore. And – most important thing – nowadays you don’t need to be a Medici to visit the gardens!

The main attractions of the Garden are the Ampitheatre, the Grottos and the pool with the Andromeda statue and the Neptune Fountain, counterpart of the Piazza della Signoria one.

The Gardens have also their own Michelangelo’s piece of art: The Prisoners – I Prigioni. The original statues are now at the Galleria dell’Accademia, but they have been used for the Boboli Gardens in 1586 by Buontalenti. I Prigioni were supposed to be part of the mausoleum of Pope Julius II, but the project went astray. It’s pretty cool when you have some Michelangelo’s “leftovers” that you can place in your back garden!!! 😉

With It’sFlorence! you will experience il Giardino di Boboli at its best. History and stories of the place and of its inhabitants, tips & tricks to take the best photos and the best time spent in the Medici’s garden!

boboli gardens - giardino di boboli

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