Botticelli Primavera: celebrate Springtime in style, in Florence…

//Botticelli Primavera: celebrate Springtime in style, in Florence…
  • Botticelli Primavera - Botticelli's Spring - It's Florence!

Botticelli Primavera: celebrate Springtime in style, in Florence…

Botticelli Primavera – Botticelli’s Springtime painting, is one of the most impressive paintings of the rich and huge Uffizi Gallery collection. 

When you are in the Botticelli Room at Uffizi you literally are in the Renaissance!

Botticelli Primavera: go back to go forward

Along with The Birth of Venus, the Primavera is an iconic, momentous painting as it demonstrates the turn of the tide in the arts of the western world caused by the Renaissance.

Renaissance or, to be more precise, the age and cultural movement of the Renaissance Humanism: of course, in this case, we are talking about the Umanesimo Fiorentino, the Florentine Renaissance Humanism, born with the pre – Renaissance works from Francesco Petrarca and Giovanni Boccaccio, and epitomized by the relationship between art and the Medici family.

Between the late XIV and the XV Century the rise of a new social class, the bourgeoisie, is the premise of a different culture, which connects back to the Classical Period, liberating itself by the until that time hegemonic religious culture.

Florence, and the Medici family, was a center of this new “way of thinking” and the related artworks production.

Botticelli Primavera: a pagan beauty?

The Primavera is one of the greatest achievements of this “new wave”.

The origin of the painting is pretty unclear, but we are quite sure that Medicis were involved: originally the Primavera was in the Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici’s mansion “Villa di Castello”, one of the many Medici’s Villas around Florence.

The painting has a very complex design, its “set” is an orange grove, which ground is covered by 500 (!!!) identified plant species.

Eigth main figures, six female and two male, and a flying Cupid, compose two side scenes with Venus (a dressed one, this time) is the core of the painting.

The Primavera is (probably) a celebration of the richness of life on Earth, a pagan indeed celebration which has no connection with the Christian faith or philosophy, but instead with Neoplatonism, revived by the Umanesimo Fiorentino, and nods to Latin works such as Ovid’s poems and Lucretius “De rerum natura” (On the Nature of Things).

Are you ready to enjoy this springy Renaissance masterpiece with us..? 🙂

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