Florence towers: medieval & Renaissance skyscrapers

//Florence towers: medieval & Renaissance skyscrapers
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Florence towers: medieval & Renaissance skyscrapers

Florence towers: maybe not as famous per se as the Bologna medieval twin towers or the leaning tower of Pisa, but Florence has its fair amount of historical towers!

Florence towers: #1 Giotto Bell tower

Well, of course: it’s for the “bells” – probably the most famous bell tower in the world – but Campanile di Giotto is definitely a… tower too. We extendly told its story here.

Florence towers: #2 Torre degli Amidei – Amideis’s Tower

It’s called also “torre della bigoncia” and dates to the Upper Middle Ages. It was damaged during WWII, the restored. One of the lion heads above the door is still the original one and it could be an Etruscan artwork. Torre degli Amidei is in Via Por Santa Maria, 9r- 11r.

More Florentine towers: Torre dei Rossi-Cerchi – Rossis and Cerchis’s Tower

Another reconstructed medieval tower. The original one was built in XII Century by the Cerchi family, then partially destroyed after the Montaperti battle, then owned by the Rossi family.

In 1838 architect Francesco Leoni redesigned the ground floor of the tower, so to host a Bacchus bronze statue and a Roman sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was destroyed during WWII, the statue is still there, and it has been discovered it is work by a young Giambologna. Address: Borgo S. Jacopo, 3.

More Florentine towers: Torre degli Alberti – Albertis’s

This is a “scapitozzata” tower: a beheaded one. It dates to the XIII Century, when the Albertis were one of the most important Florentine families, and it has a peculiar polygonal plan. The balcony has been added in the XIX Century.

It has been restored between 1995 and 2000. Address: Via de’ Benci, 10.

… and even more Florence towers

  • Torre dei Della Bella, Via dei Tavolini, 2
  • Torre dei Gianfigliazzi, XII Century, Via de’ Tornabuoni, 1
  • Torre dei Mannelli, XIII Century, Via de’ Bardi, 84r (more about it here)
  • Tower of San Niccolò, originally part of the Florence Walls, now in piazza Giuseppe Poggi, dates to 1324.

Take a look at this database if you want to know more about Florence towers and buildings!

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