Florence Train station: how to experience it at its best, history

//Florence Train station: how to experience it at its best, history
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Florence Train station: how to experience it at its best, and a bit of history

Florence Train Station coded “SMN”: Santa Maria Novella is the main station in Florence. It has a long history and it has been recently refurbished. With this post we make easier for you experiencing it.

Santa Maria Novella: recent accessibility changes

The station has been recently refurbished. Since last February 16th, the access to the tracks is monitored and regulated through gates. A barrier of glass panels separates the walk – through area of the station from the access – to – train area.

The reason is, of course, security: you can’t access the tracks (the gates are a sort of check-in zone) if you haven’t a train ticket. This way is much easier to keep ill-intentioned people away.

But do the barrier and gates affect your experience of the station? The answer is: yes. But just a little bit, fortunately.

You have to buy your ticket in advance. Usually the ticket office of the station is very busy; nevertheless, automatic ticket vending machine are available. They usually accept both money (euro!) and credit / debit card.

You can buy your ticket online too. While you have one option for regional and Intercity trains: Trenitalia, you have another option for high speed trains: Italo.

As you have to be checked in at the gates (you just need your ticket, no your ID), you should avoid to be late.

Santa Maria Novella Florence train station: history, features

Santa Maria Novella station was founded in 1848. The current layout dates to 1934. The main gallery of the station has been embellished since 2012 by the Giampaolo Talani’s huge fresco Partenze / Departures.

From Santa Maria Novella station bus services for the Florence and Pisa airport. If you need to know more about how to get to Florence, take a look at our previous blogpost.

Campo di Marte, Rifredi

Back to trains, pay attention! Check if the station for your train is “Santa Maria Novella”: it could be also “Campo di Marte” or “Rifredi”, be in the right Florence train station!

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