Galleria Palatina Masterpieces, Palazzo Pitti

//Galleria Palatina Masterpieces, Palazzo Pitti
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Galleria Palatina Masterpieces, Palazzo Pitti

Galleria Palatina Masterpieces: let’s discover more about the wonderful paintings hosted in the Palazzo Pitti’s Gallery in our fourth Palazzo Pitti post.

Galleria Palatina Masterpieces: not only a Renaissance business

As you already know from a previous post, the Palazzo Pitti Galleria Palatina was a collection from a bulk of Medici – owned artworks later increased by the Lorena Grand Dukes of Tuscany.

The Galleria Palatina Masterpieces are not only paintings: the “Galleria delle Statue” is… yes: all about statues.

Statues that are, mainly, from Ancient Rome with some exceptions such as the XVII and XVIII works (in this case, it’s usually about Medici and Lorena families members portraits).

Renaissance (or, better: late Renaissance and the beginning of the Mannerism) is very well represented in the Galleria Palatina collection, with works from the Vasari School, Lodovico Cardi (“Il Cigoli”, 1559-1613), Filippo Lippi (Filippo di Tommaso Lippi, 1406-1469), Andrea del Sarto (Andrea d’Agnolo di Francesco di Luca di Paolo del Migliore Vannucchi, 1486-1530).

The “northern side” of Renaissance is very well represented too by paintings of the Flemish school, Rubens and Van Dyck.

But the Galleria Palatina is definitely a Raffaello and Tiziano thing

Raffaello and Tiziano Galleria Palatina Masterpieces: from Urbino with love

Vittoria della Rovere (1622-1694) married Ferdinando II de’ Medici (1610-1670), fifth Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Vittoria was the last heir of the Urbino Duchy and, above all, of the Urbino Dukes’ incredible collection of Raffaello and Tiziano paintings: quite a boost for the Galleria Palatina!


Among the Titian’s (1488/1490-1576) works, the Penitent Magdalene (1533) stands out.

The Venus Hall of the Galleria Palatina hosts four Titian masterpieces: the Concert, the Pope Giulio II portrait, “La Bella” and the Pietro Aretino portrait.


Probably the best Raphael’s (1483-1520) painting of Galleria Palatina is the Madonna dell’Impannata (named after the shrouded window in the background); or La donna gravida (the pregnant woman).

Tantalised by so much art?

It’s Florence is very happy to meet you and give you the opportunity to experience Palazzo Pitti at its best!

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