Rampe del Poggi: back to beauty!

//Rampe del Poggi: back to beauty!
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Rampe del Poggi: back to beauty!

Rampe del Poggi: a maybe less – known corner of Florence are under restoration. Let’s discover together the Rampe del Poggi and mister Giuseppe Poggi!

Rampe del Poggi and the other works of architect Giuseppe Poggi

We already mentioned that, even if in a temporary way, Florence has been capital of Italy: it was a very short time (between February 3rd 1865 and June 30th 1871, on the way of the Savoy royal family moving from Turin to Rome).

Nevertheless, that seven years were very important for Florence. The city was involved in a massive urban overhaul (we could dare to call it a second, flash Renaissance): Giuseppe Poggi  (Florence, 1811-1901) played a very important role in it.

Giuseppe Poggi: the modern renovator of Florence

Poggi started is career mainly as landscape architect and restoration supervisor. He became very popular amongst the Florentine bourgeoisie for his ability to merge Florence Renaissance heritage with the very popular at the time English landscape garden.

The Florence Renovation (il Risanamento di Firenze) by Giuseppe Poggi

In 1864 his career quite soared: he is in charge of the Risanamento, the design of the urban plan for a new Florence.

The city doesn’t need walls anymore, while it needs wider streets. The pulled down walls on the north side of the city leave room for the “Viali di Circonvallazione”, the “circular avenues” (now very unpopular between the florentines because very busy).

He designed Piazza Beccaria and Piazza della Libertà and, on the south side of the city he designed the Viale dei Colli walk and his architectural masterpiece: Piazzale Michelangelo. The Rampe del Poggi are part of the walk, and they are now under restoration.

Rampe del Poggi on the way back to their beauty

Two million euros have been allocated for the restoration. Works should end by April 2019. The Rampe were built between 1872 and 1876.

Their purpose was to create a garden to accompany people towards piazzale Michelangelo.

The grottoes and fountains of the Rampe will be refurbished as well: see you in 2019 in an even more beautiful Florence!

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