Florence contemporary art exhibition: ‘Nascita di una Nazione’

//Florence contemporary art exhibition: ‘Nascita di una Nazione’
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Florence contemporary art exhibition: ‘Nascita di una Nazione’ – Palazzo Strozzi.

Florence contemporary art exhibition: ‘Nascita di una Nazione Tra Guttuso, Fontana e Schifano’ – Palazzo Strozzi

Next Florence contemporary art exhibition is ‘Nascita di una Nazione Tra Guttuso, Fontana e Schifano’The birth of a Nation. The venue is Palazzo Strozzi, the “not only Medici’s palace” just a couple of months after the “Il Cinquecento a Firenze” exhibition.

No Renaissance involved

This time the topic of the exhibition is quite different and, if you want, less “Florentine”: from the late Renaissance of the XVI Century, Palazzo Strozzi will bring us to the modern Italian art, with the works of Renato Guttuso, Lucio Fontana, Mario Schifano, along with Alberto Burri, Emilio Vedova, Enrico Castellani, Piero Manzoni, Mario Merz and Michelangelo Pistoletto.

The exhibition has been conceived by Luca Massimo Barbero, director of the Istituto di Storia dell’Arte of the Fondazione Cini in Venice.

The works cover the second after – war in Italy, the years of the so told Economic Miracle (Miracolo Economico), until the troubled – yet vibrant – times of Sessantotto, when the students and workers protest spread from France in Italy as well.

The 1948 – 1968 years are characterized by new languages and materials.

The exhibition explores the diatribe between Realism and Astractism, the dawn of the Informal Art and the rising of Pop Art, Conceptual Art and “Arte Povera” (Poor Art).

‘Nascita di una Nazione’ focuses mainly on the works of Renato Guttuso (Bagheria, Sicily 1911- Rome 1987), one of the most important voices in painting of the Italian Neorealism and Socialist Realism; Lucio Fontana (Rosario, Argentina 1899 – Comabbio, Lombardia, 1968), painter, ceramist and sculptor, founder of the Movimento Spazialista (Spatialism); Mario Schifano (Homs, Libya, 1934 – Rome 1998), among the most important figures of the Italian Pop Art.

Booking ‘Nascita di una Nazione’

Nascita di una Nazione’ will be the Palazzo Strozzi exhibition between March 16th and July 22nd.

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