Florence Duomo: how to experience it at its best

//Florence Duomo: how to experience it at its best
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Florence Duomo: how to experience it at its best

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Florence Duomo: how to experience it at its best

With more than 700 years of history and stories under its belt, the Florence Duomo – the Florence Cathedral – is, along with the Uffizi Gallery, the most visited Florentine attraction.

Very popular could could sometime mean crowded: with this post we’ll try to give you some hints to plan in advance your visit. Of course, if you need more info, or if you want to bring your experience of the Florence Duomo to a higher level with It’s Florence! Just contact us for booking or quote.

Florence Duomo: one museum, many places to discover

The Florence Duomo complex features:

  • Cathedral (Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore) – usual timetable: 10:00/17:00;
  • Brunelleschi’s Dome (Cupola del Brunelleschi) – usual timetable: 08:30/19:00;
  • Baptistry (Battistero di San Giovanni) – usual timetable: 08:15/10:15 and 11:15/16:30;
  • Bell Tower (Campanile di Giotto) – usual timetable: 08:15/19:00;
  • Crypt (Cripta di Santa Reparata) – usual timetable: 10:00/17:00;
  • Museum (Grande Museo del Duomo, or Museo dell’Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore) – usual timetable: 09:00/19:00.

The Museum is closed on the first Tuesday of each month. The Cumulative Ticket (Biglietto Unico) is the best way to get the access to all the monuments and features.

The Cumulative Ticket has a validity of 6 days from the visit selected date.

It is usable within 48 hours by the visit to the first monument. The online booking allows to skip the cashier queue – mind that, even if the booking is digital, you need a printed copy of the ticket. The access to the Dome has to be booked in advance and in this specific case access time can’t be modified.

There is actually a very simple reason for that: the Cupola it’s a… very medieval one. Tiny steps (463 steps…) in a narrow and steep corridor need a very controlled access.

Our advice is to spread the visit of the Duomo complex at least over a couple of days as suggested by the Cumulative Ticket lifespan of 48 hours.

In our map you can find pinned also the Centro Arte e Cultura: this Art & Culture Centre is not a monument, but when you are going to book your visit check if the Centro Arte e Cultura is involved in one of the frequently hosted workshop, conference or temporary exhibition.

Official site: https://operaduomo.firenze.it/

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