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Palazzo Pitti Museum: host of emperors and kings – II

By |2018-04-24T12:52:12+00:00October 31st, 2017|Discovering Florence|

Second post dedicated to Palazzo Pitti Museum, about its long history on the way to become one of the most iconic Florentine museums. Palazzo Pitti Museum: From the Medici to present day In the previous related post, we left Palazzo Pitti in the Medici’s hands. In 1550 the works for the Boboli Garden, the beautiful [...]

Palazzo Pitti: the Medici’s building which hosted emperors and kings – I

By |2018-04-24T12:52:49+00:00October 4th, 2017|Discovering Florence|

Palazzo Pitti is the other half of the impressive display of wealth of the Medici family. And, as for Palazzo Strozzi, a building which, at the beginning of its history, had a different owner. […]

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